We are the Patriots

The term “patriot” holds profound significance for Americans as it embodies the ideals of courage, sacrifice, and unwavering commitment to the principles of freedom and democracy. Rooted in the nation’s struggle for independence during the American Revolution, the term “patriot” evokes the spirit of those who bravely fought against tyranny and oppression to secure liberty and self-governance. This legacy of the Patriots, who risked everything for the birth of a new nation, resonates deeply in the American consciousness, serving as a timeless reminder of the values upon which the United States was founded. The term continues to inspire contemporary citizens to uphold and defend these core principles, fostering a sense of unity and national pride.

At William Penn Academy, we believe that a solid education is fundamentally connected to the ideals of liberty, as it empowers individuals with the knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary to understand, appreciate, and uphold these values. Education fosters an informed citizenry, which is essential for a functioning democracy where individuals can make knowledgeable decisions, engage in meaningful discourse, and hold their government accountable. By learning about history, civic principles, and the philosophical foundations of liberty, citizens gain a deeper appreciation for the rights and responsibilities that come with freedom. Moreover, education promotes tolerance, empathy, and the ability to critically analyze different perspectives, which are crucial for maintaining a society that values and protects individual liberties. In essence, a robust education nurtures the intellectual and moral foundation required to sustain and advance the ideals of liberty in a democratic society.

"Knowledge is the Treasure of a Wiseman."

William Penn

Our Educational Philosophy

The WPA educational philosophy intends to promote a strong sense of personal responsibility in each student that will prepare him or her for high school graduation, for college and university education, and for life. As our students progress through an academic program that becomes gradually more rigorous and in which each student is supported and challenged as an individual. The emphasis across the board is on mastering the fundamental knowledge and skills shared by educated individuals in our society, thereby providing a common basis for understanding communication as well as a foundation for developing the unique abilities and ideas of the individual student.