Dress Code

Student dress, personal appearance, and cleanliness shall reflect sensitivity to and respect for themselves and others. It will also reflect pride in William Penn Academy. Students are required to wear appropriate attire that reflects an academic culture.

  1. All clothing is to be clean, orderly, and appropriate for school.
  2. Clothing (including t-shirts and buttons) advertising or making reference to alcoholic beverages, bars, drugs, tobacco, sex, (explicit or implied) obscene language, or images are not permitted
    (examples: drug-related images, adult beverages, adult industry logos, Hooters, and any other inappropriate symbols or logos).
  3. Clothing or items that promote or are symbols or representatives of gangs, cults, satanism, discrimination, or violent behaviors are not permitted.
  4. All shirts must have sleeves. This applies to all students, regardless of gender. (Tank/tube tops and halters are not permitted as well as any garments with spaghetti straps. Students may not wear undershirts as their primary garment, nor are hand cut-offs, or homemade cut-offs permitted.)
  5. Revealing clothing and/or midsection exposure of the body are not permitted.
  6. Sleepwear, including blankets, is not permitted.
  7. Hats, bandanas, or any type of headwear (including hoods) will not be permitted anywhere inside the school. Students may not wear sunglasses or gloves.
  8. Appropriate shorts and skirts are permitted; however, they must be of a length that covers undergarments and personal areas of the body.
  9. All pants/shorts/skirts must be secured at the waist.
  10. Clothing items that have rips and tears from the manufacturer or modifications made by the wearer must cover undergarments and personal areas of the body.
  11. Appropriate footwear must be worn. Sandals, backless shoes, and flip-flops may be worn at the risk of the individual. WPA is not responsible for any potential injuries that may occur as a result of footwear. Bedroom slippers are not permitted. Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times.
  12. Non-clothing items such as blankets, bed sheets, capes, flags, and similar items are not permitted to be worn as clothing or used during school hours.
  13. Clothing, appearance, adornments, or other items that create disruption to the educational environment or present a threat to one’s health or school property are not permitted (examples:face paint, face chains, spiked accessories, exposed chains, etc.)

In accordance with the aforementioned dress code, the final judgment of the suitability of student attire will be made by the Principal. Students will be given an opportunity to change any objectionable clothing; otherwise, parents/guardians will be notified, and violators may be sent home or sequestered from the student


  • First offense: student is required to change – warning issued
  • Second offense: student is required to change –detention(s) assigned
  • Third Offense (and additional offenses): student is required to change– ISS assigned