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Letter to Parents and Students

Dear Parents and Students,

We hope this message finds you well and filled with enthusiasm for the upcoming academic year. It is with great excitement that we share some wonderful news: we are introducing a Classical Learning Curriculum, and we are thrilled to embark on this educational journey with you.

Our Classical Learning Curriculum is designed to offer a rich and comprehensive educational experience, rooted in the timeless principles of classical education. This approach emphasizes the development of critical thinking, a deep appreciation for the humanities, and the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake. We will explore the great works of literature, philosophy, history, and science that have shaped our world, engaging in thoughtful discussions and rigorous analyses that will challenge and inspire you.

In our studies, we will delve into the great writings that have shaped the education of the Western world. We will examine the historical contexts in which these ideas emerged, and consider their relevance to our contemporary lives. Through this exploration, you will gain a deeper understanding of the human experience and the enduring questions that have fascinated scholars for centuries.

Students, we are particularly excited about the opportunities this curriculum will provide for you to develop your skills in rhetoric, logic, and analytical writing. These are essential tools that will serve you well in all areas of life, fostering your ability to articulate your thoughts clearly and persuasively. Moreover, our classical approach will encourage you to cultivate virtues such as perseverance, intellectual curiosity, and a love of learning.

As we embark on this journey together, we encourage you to embrace the challenges and joys of classical learning with an open mind and a willing heart. Let us approach our studies with a sense of wonder and a commitment to excellence, knowing that we are partaking in a tradition of education that has enriched minds and transformed lives for generations.

We look forward to seeing the growth and achievements that will undoubtedly arise from our collective efforts. Together, we will explore the vast landscapes of knowledge and discover the profound beauty of a classical education.


Dr. Traci Eshelman, Chief Academic Officer

Mr. Daniel Nemeth, Principal

Mr. James Anderson, Principal

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